Isoflex™ General Purpose Isolation Mounts

Isoflex™ isolation mounts are made with highly resistant co-polymer and marine alloy hold-down bases for excellent durability and longevity.

The mounts are made with a stable, engineering-grade polymer instead of rubber to specifically resist oils, fuels, water and hydraulic fluids while providing at least 85% vibration isolation.

Available with and without thrust rings, the mounts can be used for both propulsion and generator applications. Available with either an adjustment stud or as a bolt down.

Mount Color / Hardness (SDH-A)
Yellow (50), Red (60), Black (70)
Royal Blue (75), Green (80), Grey (90)
ModelMax Load (lb)Footprint LxW (in)Bolt Centers (in) CBolt DIA (in) dNo. of BoltsBase Thickness (in) tBolt DIA (in)Clearance (in) JWeight (lb)Data Sheet
GPM10-1/2inch B88-550

5.31 x 2.953.85-4.330.37520.480.51.570.8PDF

5.31 x 2.953.85-4.330.37520.48M12 (1/2″ approx)1.570.8PDF
GPM10-16B88-5505.31 x 2.953.85-4.330.37520.48M16 (5/8″ approx)1.570.8PDF
GPM10FS-1/2inch B110-6605.31 x 2.953.85-4.330.37520.480.51.570.8PDF
GPM10FS-12 B88-6605.31 x 2.953.85-4.33M1220.48M12 (1/2″ approx)1.570.8PDF
GPM13FS-16B5.51 x 2.953.85-4.330.52.59M16 (5/8″ approx)2.36PDF
GPM15FS-16B165-6607.09 x 3.864.96-5.24M1220.59M16 (5/8″ approx)2.361.3PDF
GPM15FS-20B165-6606.96 x 3.8650.520.59M20 (3/4″ approx)2.361.3
GPM20FS-20150-19809.45× (3/4″ approx)2.952.6PDF
GPM6-6 (60)Feb-443.58 x 2.022.550.2520.31M6 x 200.790.2PDF
GPM7-12B44-2644.41 x 2.523.0-3.50.312520.48M12 (1/2″ approx)1.220.5PDF
GPM7FS-12B44-2644.41 x 2.523.0-3.50.312520.48M12 (1/2″ approx)1.220.5PDF