BOLLARD™ Power Bank

A stored energy reserve in parallel with your vessel’s buss.

Flexible, silent, uninterruptable power supply available in 65kWh, 95kWh or custom sized to vessel requirements.

The BOLLARD™ Power Bank seamlessly integrates with your vessel’s buss, running in parallel with all other power supplies.

Diagram of how the power bank works.


  • Full-time prime power means reduced generator sizing and runtime.
  • When used in parallel with a main engine cruising generator, auxiliary generator runtime can be drastically reduced.
  • Fast recharge, maximum power density using the latest NMC Lithium chemistry.
  • Flexible shore power options and optimal sizing allows for multiple charging sources.
  • Solid state electronics with no moving parts reduces maintenance costs.
  • Proven commercial components with readily available replacement parts.
  • Integrated power inputs & outputs provide lower fuel, operating and maintenance costs.
  • Environmentally responsible, sustainable power – EPA & IMO compliant.
  • Positive environmental impact with Zero Emissions.