Complete Front Power Take-Off Systems

Multiple Options for Every Engine

    • Front SAE Bellhousings & Flywheels
    • SAE Hydraulic Pump Mounts
    • Live Power Take-Offs
    • Multiple Clutch Options: Air Actuated Constriction, Electric, Oil and Over-Center Actuation

What is SeaDrive™?

SeaDrive is an engine mounted Power Take-Off (PTO) system that allows you to safely transfer excess power from your engine to other equipment. Whether you want to power your pumps, hydraulics, transmissions, generators, or custom equipment the possibilities are endless.

rendering of SeaDrive PTO

The SeaDrive PTO system has been meticulously engineered to maintain the integrity and reliability of your engine while giving you the maximum output available.

Maintaining proper alignment with the crankshaft is critical to transfer power safely as misalignment can dramatically increase engine wear and the potential for damage. To prevent this the SeaDrive system is custom designed for each engine and uses a series of adapters as well as an advanced rubber torsional coupling. This allows the SeaDrive system to be precise while countering and absorbing vibrations that may otherwise cause damage to your engine. All SeaDrive systems are accurate to less than .060″ total misalignment, making the SeaDrive system the safest and most reliable PTO out there.

Through thousands of hours of analysis and testing, we built the SeaDrive system to withstand extreme forces far beyond what the engine can produce. SeaDrive PTOs are built to last a lifetime!

All SeaDrive systems ship complete with spare belts, newly fitted belt guards, complete hardware kits and step-by-step assembly instructions.

SeaDrive DIY kits available for front-mounted drive lines.

How it Works:

1. Engine Adapter: Allows the coupling to mount to the front pulley or damper.

2. Torsional Coupling: Absorbs vibrations and slight misalignments

3. Hub: Secures the clutch to the torsional coupling

4. Clutch: Transfers and controls power to your equipment

5. Driveline Cover: Protective cover for the moving equipment

6. Housing: Supports the equipment and is bolted to the engine block