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1. MER packages and accessorizes the John Deere, Kubota, Scania, Deutz, and Isuzu, Diesel Engines in their production generators and Hydraulic Power Units depending on customer needs and application. These diesels are quiet, 4 cycle, 1800 RPM, low vibration, durable, dependable, low maintenance, fuel efficient engines built for heavy duty 24hour continuous service in a commercial application. This means you spend less time and money maintaining your engine, and when you grow old, you still have your hearing.

2. All BOLLARD™ Power Generation packages are engineered from the ground up. We use torsionally compatible components throughout. The couplings, adaptors, anti-vibration systems, structural steel baseframes, stainless steel brackets, and hardware have evolved over time to increase longevity and reduce the maintenance costs of the entire system.

3. Complete Digital remote start, pre-wired instrument panels, are standard with all BOLLARD™ gensets. You can start and stop the engine or monitor the instruments from a location other than the engine room. We offer pre-packaged and programmed duel mutual standby systems, parallel, and load share control and distribution systems. Manual and automatic transfer switches with remote automatic and or local control.

4. MER uses the commercial marine grade Marathon Mariner or Newage Stamford generators as standard equipment. The generators are direct coupled to the engine flywheel. They are drip-proof, brushless, and single bearing generators with minimal moving parts. We engineer them with more copper and iron content for lower operating temperatures and reduced electrical resistance. Although these generators are more expensive initially, the cost is recovered many times over in the fuel savings, low maintenance expenses, and extremely long service life. MER has many generators in service with an excess of 100,000 hours.

5. MER marine components for our BOLLARD™ generators have evolved since 1964 when MER first introduced their generator sets to the West Coast workboat fleet. BOLLARD™ marine generator frames and accessories are computer designed in 3D CAD software, precision- laser cut, machine surfaced, and powder coated. Our accessories are designed and built to last the life of the engine. Our patented SeaDrive™ auxiliary drives give you the ability to safely take up to 95% of the available engine horsepower from the front of the engine. This gives us the flexibility to drive thrusters, fire pumps, hydraulics, or an infinite variety of clutched or direct drive mechanical equipment.

6. BOLLARD™ gensets can be custom manufactured to your specifications. If your installation requires a dipstick or filter in an alternate location; an auxiliary hydraulic pump; a stub shaft, low fluid level or flow alarms, custom exhaust configuration, ABS, Lloyds or other marine certification then these modifications can be made during assembly to keep your installed cost and maintenance expenses as low as possible.

7. Every BOLLARD™ engine is load tested twice. Once at the factory and once again after component assembly. The generators are load tested for electrical output. The component parts, i.e. safety shutdowns, engine and generator controls and sub-assemblies are all tested as an assembly before shipment. When you receive your genset, it’s fully tested and functional. After installation, you add coolant and oil, turn the key and it produces electricity.

8. As an Original Equipment Manufacturer, MER maintains a continuously evolving Dealer and Port Engineer training program to maximize the serviceability and reliability of the generators we build for the fleet.

9. MER maintains 24-hour parts and product support hotline with same day shipping 365 days a year. Should you need service or repair parts, MER maintains one of the most thoroughly trained and equipped dealer networks on the planet. You’ll make more money with a BOLLARD™ marine genset because you’ll have less downtime waiting for maintenance or repair parts.

10. MER has built its business over the years on repeat business and referrals from happy customers. Our goal is to build a mutually beneficial relationship with our customers. We’ll be here when you need us for many, many years to come.

Choosing a commercial marine generator set is more than just choosing a piece of equipment. If you buy a BOLLARD™ genset, you’ll be a BOLLARD™ customer for years. That’s why we keep detailed computerized records on every product we build and who we built it for. If you lose a heat exchanger 15 years from now, you can call us on a Sunday afternoon and we’ll not only be available for you, we’ll know what you need, and if need be, we’ll do everything in our power to get it to you the same day.