Bollard Engines & Generators

BOLLARD™ Engines & Generators

50 Years In The Making – By Michael Hudson


[bol-erd] noun
a: A thick, low post, usually of iron or steel, mounted on a wharf or the like, to which mooring lines from vessels are attached.

b: A measure of the pulling force of a vessel against a stationary object like a bollard. i.e. Bollard Pull.

c: The best engine and generators on the planet.


Fifty years ago, MER Equipment was founded to provide marine machinery and support to commercial operators. Over time, we’ve learned a few things about how to build a machine that is dependable and provides the lowest possible operating cost. As you can imagine, we’ve gotten a lot of feedback from our valued customers on what works, and what doesn’t. Everything we’ve learned and everything we’ve been taught has been distilled into our engines and generators. The result of 50 years of refinement is our BOLLARD™ Engines & Generators line.

Marine Generator Group w/ SeaDrive PTO

BOLLARD™ 13kW, 99kW and 315kW marine generators with SeaDrive Front Power Take Off (PTO)

A BOLLARD™ generator set, propulsion engine, or hydraulic power unit is engineered for the most demanding applications. If you are an operator who makes your living with a BOLLARD™, you have high expectations for dependability and strive for the lowest, long-term operating costs. You want it to be quiet, smooth, and run like a top. It needs to be sized right and have the motor starting capacity to match whatever gets thrown at it. You want total solutions which consider where your engine will be installed and how it will be used. You demand careful thought be put into the design to account for serviceability, and need the accessories to go with it. We’ve put thousands of hours into the development and testing of products like our SeaDrive hydraulic pump drive, SCOR lube oil regeneration systems, and SuperFlex exhaust systems and blanketing, so they’ll integrate seamlessly with the engine you buy. To back it all up you count on the 24/7 service and support that comes with a BOLLARD™. We’ll walk you through a troubleshoot even if you didn’t buy your engine from us. Each machine is custom built to meet your specific requirements.

BOLLARD™ equipment will be built in Seattle near Fishermen’s Terminal. Fittingly enough, our new facility is located in part of the old MARCO yard. We invite you to work with our team of Application Specialists, designers, engineers, electrician and fabricators to build and customize the machinery that’s right for you. You can also count on our Parts and Service Support teams to be ready when you need them. Please go to www. for more information.