Custom Exhaust Assembly

Custom Exhaust Assembly for Young Brothers, Hawaii

Designing an exhaust and blanketing system can be time consuming, stressful and expensive. It takes a long time to design the exhaust, fabricate and install the piping, then go through the process all over again with lagging. The work is being done twice and costs twice as much. If the vessel is in a yard at the time there is also that daily expense as well. We understand the frustrations of implementing a custom exhaust system and there is a better way to get it done.

MER Equipment uses advanced CAD software to design a 3D model of the entire exhaust assembly as well as insulation blankets before they are made. Designing in CAD software saves time and money, resulting in higher quality, with better fit and integration into the system.

Imagine having MER produce the entire exhaust assembly and blankets simultaneously from a few basic dimensions. Our products are fully customizable – from material selection, to flex sections, flanges, wet or dry, pipe or tube sizing and more.

Custom 4" Exhaust Design for Daryl Tatrow and the F/V ThunderboltDaryl Tatrow and the F/V Thunderbolt is a good example. Daryl contacted us to develop a custom exhaust system for his twin Yanmar 6LPA engines, which typically use water-cooled exhaust. Due to specific space and sizing constraints, wet exhaust would not fit in his engine room; necessitating a dry alternative.  The constraints also made it impossible to use a traditional flex section. We developed this 4″ system which includes a custom 321 SS ultra short flex section and assembles with stainless steel Marmon flanges to conserve space. The flex section is made from 5 layers of bellows, making it essentially 5x as flexible as standard exhaust bellows. This means it only needs to be 1/5 the length of standard marine flex sections. We also provided a custom machined flange to integrate the system with the original turbo outlet and replace the wet exhaust mixing elbow.

Using this CAD model we were not only able to ensure accuracy but we were also able to design custom fiberglass insulation blanketing for the entire system; made extra thick to keep engine room temperatures down. Because the exhaust assembly and blankets were made from the same model they were also made at the same time; cutting down lead time.

This system achieves the customer’s requirements for compactness, ease of assembly, heat reduction and longevity. We are proud to be an all-encompassing resource for custom exhaust projects such as this.

Whether you need a fully customized system, or you just need advice on your current system, don’t hesitate to give MER a call. We provide accurate, timely service, and deliver high quality products that will stand the test of time.