SeaFire Nano, Delta I, Delta II & Gamma Series


SeaFire lights are known for their durability, brightness, efficiency, and style. For years our lights have been paying for themselves in energy savings on commercial vessels around the world. We thought it was time to bring these same savings to the small vessel market as well. We’ve worked hard the past year to expand our lineup to bring you the Nano, Delta I, Delta II, and Gamma lights.

The new lights are equipped with heavy-duty housings, 316 stainless brackets and hardware and military-grade finishes. With IP69K waterproofing, technology good enough to withstand and a high temp pressure washer, our lights are ready for whatever the sea throws at them. Performance and efficiency are optimized for premium drivers, waterproof wiring, and optics that deliver more light, less radio interference, and consume less energy than the competition. Versatility is built in with dimmable LEDs, flush mounting kits, and interchangeable lenses with a wide variety of beam focus and color options, allowing complete customization of distance, flood, and light color. We are so confident in the new models that we’re backing them with an unprecedented lifetime warranty.

The sum of these benefits together in one package creates a product that is truly incredible. They are easy to install, easy to live with, easy to maintain, and will save our customers valuable time and money.