FV Serenity with SeaFire LEDs
US-Seafoods-Seafreeze at night with SeaFire LEDs
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Save Energy

Save Fuel

Save Money

  • Brightest on the Market
  • Instant On & Off
  • Waterproof
  • Marine Grade Construction
  • Pay For Themselves in Fuel Savings
  • 50,000 Hour Life
  • Corrosion Proof Housing
  • Stainless Steel Brackets

SeaFire Marine LEDs are built to keep working even in the harshest of environments and have built-in protection against heat, humidity, saltwater and dust.

In 1962, LED lights were introduced as a practical electrical component an in the years since then there have been many refinements and innovations in LED lighting.

Performance and efficiency are optimized for premium drivers, waterproof wiring, and optics that deliver more light, less radio interference, and consume less energy than the competition. Versatility is built-in with dimmable LEDs, flush mounting kits, and interchangeable lenses with a wide variety of beam focus and color options, allowing complete customization of distance, flood, and light color.

SeaFire Marine LEDs are easy to install, simple to maintain and will save you time and money. 

SeaFire Bravo Series LED Marine light