Reduce Oil Related Maintenance Costs

SCOR – Sea Change Oil Regeneration System

SCOR is a high-efficiency multistage bypass filtering system designed to remove solid, liquid, and gaseous contaminants from the engine or hydraulic oil before it accumulates and causes damage. Working in conjunction with the OEM full-flow filter, the SCOR system is constantly removing contaminants and replenishing base additives (engine oil only) while maximizing the life of your engine or hydraulic equipment.

Contrary to popular belief, oil does not break down or wear out, it gets dirty. In the past, oil needed to be replaced regularly as it becomes contaminated and, in the case of engine oil, loses vital additives over a relatively short period of time. By keeping the oil clean and the base additives in check, oil remains in good shape significantly longer. Additionally, consistent oil sampling and analysis will safely extend oil drain intervals.  By enabling continuously clean oil to circulate through your equipment, the SCOR system allows oil to do its job, providing optimum lubrication, cooling and sealing performance.

Regular oil sampling will confirm your oil is good for continued use.

SCOR Oil filtration show on BOLLARD 105kW genset onboard the Crowley Master.

The SCOR oil filtration system is the only bypass system which addresses:

  • Removal of solid contaminants to below one micron
  • Removal of liquid and gaseous contaminants
  • Replenishment of additives to properly maintain chemical balance

It is imperative that these three conditions be met in order to safely extend oil drain intervals.

How does SCOR work?

  1. Oil enters the system at a slow rate of 6-8 GPH (engine) or 12-16 GPH (hydraulic)
  2. Oil passes upward through a patented chemically grafted filter (CGP), increasing filtration efficiency and filtering solid contaminants to below one micron
  3. Patented polymer technology (SAP) absorbs and removes water and gaseous contaminants trapped in the oil. No venting is required
  4. Oil passes through a time-release element that replenishes and maintains additive levels and viscosity
  5. Oil is gravity-fed back to the engine or hydraulic tank

What size system do I need?

Models & SpecificationsSCA-010SCA-024SCA-044SCA-100SCA-172SCA-300
Maximum Oil Capacity (engines)10 quarts24 quarts44 quarts100 quarts172 quarts300 quarts
Maximum Oil Capacity (hydraulics)N/A15 gallons40 gallons100 gallons500 gallons1000 gallons
Flow Rate (engines)6 - 8 gph6 - 8 gph6 - 8 gph6 - 8 gph6 - 8 gph6 - 8 gph
Flow Rate (hydraulics)12 - 16 gph12 - 16 gph12 - 16 gph12 - 16 gph12 - 16 gph12 - 16 gph
Height7.5 in8.5 in12.5 in11.5 in15.5 in30 in
Diameter7 in9 in9 in11 in11 in11 in