Port Moller

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Project Details

After a devastating fire in August 2017, Peter Pan Seafoods’ 100-year-old Port Moller facility needed to rebuild and modernize. Port Moller is a remote salmon processing (freezing) plant that can process about 250,000 lbs. of salmon per day. During peak production, there is a crew of 140 people. Being a remote facility, the plant needs to be self-sufficient in providing for all housing, food, electricity, water and other supplies.

A new state-of-the-art facility was requested, fully modernized conforming to applicable building codes with increased daily throughput and cold storage capacity. BKR Construction Services was chosen to rebuild the facility and they chose MER Equipment to upgrade and modernize the Power House.

MER’s focus was to develop a new, state of the art automated distribution and control system for the Power House. To work within the budget, Bob Allen suggested using low hour engines as a cost saving.

The five generators and distribution breakers are controlled by the power house foreman using a remote touchscreen digital console.  The goal was to maximize fuel economy and plant efficiency.  

The integrated system allows for automated or manual remote control of the generator engines and distribution breakers in various combinations depending on feedback from the Logix system operating the refrigeration compressors and the processing capacity required. 

All engine and generator parameters can be conveniently monitored and controlled manually via local operating panels on each generator or by a remote internet connection accessible from anywhere in the world. 


  • 3 – low hour CAT 3516B engines
  • 3 – Marathon direct drive generators 480V, 60Hz, capable of 1500kW
  • 2 – CAT C27 750kW generators

Exhaust / Vibration System:

  • Stainless exhaust piping
  • SuperFlex exhaust bellows
  • Flanges
  • Gaskets
  • Exhaust thermal blankets
  • Seismic isolation mounts
  • Cooling systems