Crowley Leader

In 2018, the Leader received a repower from two – BOLLARD™ MG105-KA1, 105kW, 60Hz Keel Cooled, EPA Tier III Compliant Commercial Marine Generators.

Western Towboat Mariner

Western Towboat chose two BOLLARD 99kW marine generators with custom front PTO to power their new Z-drive, harbor assist tug, Mariner.

B&N Fisheries Arctic Wind

When the Arctic Wind was ready to be repowered and updated to Tier 3 compliance, MER was contracted for the job. The vessel received a custom BOLLARD™ 200kW marine generator to meet their needs.

Foss Tier 4 Tugs

MER is powering each of the new Foss Tier 4 Tugs with two-122kW BOLLARD gensets operating in parallel and an enclosed 65kW for ship’s power.

US Navy Torpedo Testing Ship

In March 2020 MER shipped a custom built radiator cooled, 200kW BOLLARD™ marine generator to be installed on the US Navy Torpedo Testing Ship, YTT10.

Port Moller

Port Moller Project Details After a devastating fire in August 2017, Peter Pan Seafoods’ 100-year-old Port Moller facility needed to rebuild and modernize. Port Moller is a remote salmon processing (freezing) plant that can process about 250,000 lbs. of salmon...

Crowley Articulated Tugs

Crowley Articulated Tugs Project Details When the time came for Crowley to repower their push tugs, Ocean Reliance & Sound Reliance they contacted MER Equipment for the project. Built in 2002, these were the first of their kind for Crowley. The 550 class ATBs were...

Olympic Tug & Barge Kestrel

When Harley Marine received a Puget Sound Clean Air Agency grant to repower & update their tug Kestrel to Tier 3 compliance, they chose MER for the job.