ZF85IV Hurth Marine Transmission

ZF85IV Hurth Marine Transmission

12° V-Drive direct mount marine transmission

Maximum rated input: 367kW (492hp)

Available for pleasure, light, medium and continuous duty applications


ZF85IV Hurth Marine Transmission

This transmission is a 12-degree V-drive, direct mount unit that is suitable for pleasure boats, sailboats and small fishing vessels. The units have high capacity, multiple disc clutches that are hydraulically actuated, and are manufactured under ISO 9001 quality standards. These transmissions are compatible with all types of engines and are cost-effective and easy to maintain.

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Item Number Ratio Price
ZF85IV 1.64:1 1.64:1 Call for price
ZF85IV 2.01:1 2.01:1 Call for price
ZF85IV 2.49:1 2.49:1 Call for price