ZF280IV Marine Transmission

ZF280IV Marine Transmission

This is a 14-degree, direct mount, V-drive transmission that withstands continuous duty including workboat applications and is fully tested and straightforward to install.

These units have high capacity multi-disc clutches that are hydraulically actuated.

ZF quality control complies with ISO 9001 standards.

Compatible with S.A.E. standards, making it easy to fit any suitable engine. Maintenance is economical and simple.


ZF280IV (IRM280V-LD-1)

  • Compact yet durable design
  • The design is virtually leak-free and simple to maintain
  • Trolling valves are available
  • Available for twin engine installations
  • Suitable for full power use in forward or reverse
  • Several ratios available
  • Accepted by all major Classification Societies
  • Live power-take-offs can be installed at any time
  • ZF transmissions come with heavy-duty mounting brackets and complete oil cooler systems
  • Transmissions equipped with electric shift valves have a feature that allows engagement of the valve with the turn of a screw if the electrical power source fails
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Item Number Ratio Price
ZF280IV 1.25:1 1.25:1 Call for price
ZF280IV 1.56:1 1.56:1 Call for price
ZF280IV 1.77:1 1.77:1 Call for price
ZF280IV 2.06:1 2.06:1 Call for price
ZF280IV 2.56:1 2.56:1 Call for price
ZF280IV 3.09:1 3.09:1 Call for price

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