ZF220A Marine Transmission

ZF220A Marine Transmission

  • Compact yet durable design
  • Design is virtually leak-free and simple to maintain
  • Trolling valves are available
  • Available for twin engine installations
  • Suitable for full power use in forward or reverse
  • Several ratios available


ZF220A (IRM220A, IRM220V-2)

  • This transmission is a 10 degree down angle, direct mount unit that withstands continuous duty including workboat applications, and is fully tested and straightforward to install.
  • These units have high capacity multi-disc clutches that are hydraulically actuated. ZF quality control complies with ISO 9001 standards.
  • This transmission is compatible with S.A.E. standards, making it easy to fit any suitable engine.
  • Maintenance is economical and simple.

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