Wet Exhaust Mixing Can

These mixing rings are for partially dry systems. The exhaust is “dry” for a portion or most of the run and then water is injected before the exhaust either goes through a water lift muffler or after a dry muffler and before it goes out the side of the boat.

The benefits of a “hybrid” system are:

  • The dry portion of the exhaust can be made from less costly materials.
  • It is safer for the engine since there is less chance of seawater backflowing from the exhaust back into the engine from either excessive cranking or a leak in the mixing ring.
  • A hybrid system places less back pressure on the exhaust, helping the engine run more efficiently.
  • Since lightweight materials can be used and they aren’t filled with excessive amounts of seawater, the hybrid system is lighter weight.
  • There is less chance of flooding or fire if a hose ruptures or a strainer gets clogged.


  • Available in multiple-size pipe or tube.
  • Assemblies are made from 3/16” thick  316L SS and are chemically pickled, passivated and electro-polished for the highest level of corrosion protection.
  • Cost-effective investment cast 316L SS mixing rings available for smaller sizes.
  • The inlet flange is floating so the ring can be clocked as required and these can be made right or left-handed.
  • The thermocouple is an incorporated safety feature. Should the mixing ring lose cooling water, the temperature will rise and trigger the switch tied to either an engine alarm, shutdown, or ship alarm system.

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