TS SL Residential Series

TS SL Residential Series

Cowl Exhaust Silencer Features:

  • Compact Spiral Design With Integral Mounting System
  • Typical Insertion Loss 22 ' 28 dB(A)
  • Low Back Pressure
  • Reverse Flow Available for Application Flexibility
  • Interchangeable With Current TS Design
  • Standard High Temperature Paint Finish
  • Complete Line of Accessories and Mounting Brackets
  • Stainless Steel Construction & Factory Customization Available


TS SL Residential Grade Exhaust Silencer
Cowl silencers are very compact and use the “Spiral Chamber Design” to provide premium silencing with low back pressure, and low weight. This design with integral mounting system has a typical sound reduction of 22 — 28 dB(A). The unit has very low back pressure, and reverse flow is available for application flexibility. The units have a standard high temperature paint finish to insure long life. Cowl supplies a complete line of accessories and mounting brackets.

Stainless steel construction and factory customization is available. These units provide more silencing per dollar.