MG32 Marine Generator


Features a Yanmar 1800 RPM marine generator with 36 kW standby rating.


  • Deluxe MER instrument panel, with Digital, LED gauges pre-wired for easy plug-together installation
  • 12 Volt, 2.3Kw Electric start, 40 Amp Alternator and electric start/stop solenoid
  • New generation Thermostatically controlled fuel injection pump, automatic air bleeding, and equalized fuel lines achieve the lowest possible smoke and exhaust emissions
  • The 16 Valve Yanmar Industrial base engine meets all Interim Tier IV emission standards for commercial installations
  • Balanced, four stroke, 16 Valve, direct injected design with sound insulated valve train and oil pan, make the TNV series one of the quietest, smoothest running engines in its class
  • Independent, automatic safety shutdown systems for high water temperature, low oil pressure, over speed and overcurrent protect your investment
  • Steel skid frame with captive anti-vibration suspension mounts installed at crankshaft centerline to minimize vibration transfer, (97% efficiency)

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Engine Model4TNV98-GGE
Engine Type4 Cylinder, 4 Cycle, 16 Valve, Water Cooled,
Naturally Aspirated Marine Diesel Engine
Compression Ratio18.5:1
Water Capacity9.0L