MG15-17.5 TNV Line-up

Straightforward, functional designs make these generators among the quietest, most efficient and convenient to maintain on the market today.


We’ve paid careful attention to even the smallest details to ensure trouble-free operation and maintenance. These thoughtfully designed marine packages will deliver the lowest noise and vibration levels together with the best fuel economy in their class. The fuel efficiency and strength of these Yanmar powered generator sets give you years of clean, reliable operation with minimal maintenance expense.

Engineered with the needs of the dedicated pleasure boater in mind these high performance, low speed, units are packed with features including:

  • Easy maintenance access
  • Color-coded remote wiring
  • Attractive remove start instrument panel
  • Efficient cooling systems with heat recovery and digital options to enhance the functionality of your vessel

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Genset ModelAvailable MG15YSL & MG17.5YSL
KW Int,15kW & 17.5kW Continuous output, HE or KC cooled.
Frequency60 HZ @ 1800 RPM