EM Products™ Tandem Exhaust Silencer

LPH – Tandem Exhaust Silencer System

The EM Products™ Tandem Exhaust Silencer System is designed for low profile sound attenuation.


Standard Silencer Application 
• Critical grade or hospital grade silencing
• Designed for mobile power units, stationary and marine systems
• Exhaust noise reduction for most demanding environments
• Where standard silencer size and attenuation will not accommodate engine package

Standard Construction Features 
• Low profile
• Internal thermal wrap
• No external thermal blankets required
• Compact, 2-silencer system
• Aluminized steel construction through 26” body diameter
• Standard 1200° F. satin black finish

Optional Construction Features and Accessories 
• Special inlet/outlet connections
• Special size and configuration
• Drains available
• Stainless steel construction available
• Special finishes available
• Complete line of accessories available