Kubota MG7.5

Kubota MG7.5KMAC-iTIV 7.5KW D1005 Diesel Marine Generator

7.5kW Custom Built, MER Marinized, Marine Generator using the long lasting and fuel efficient Kubota D1005


  • Reliable – Durable Quality: Kubota Corporation’s Quality Inspection Facility is state of the art and dedicated to meet the highest expectations of the Kubota name.
  • Emissions: The Engine Product Environmental Management Section at Kubota -Osaka, Japan takes all possible measures to ensure that Kubota Diesels meet the world’s highest level of emission regulations. EPA, CARB, EU and MOC Certified.
  • High efficiency (88%) motor start generator with dedicated secondary excitation windings for unsurpassed voltage control, 5.2 HP Code G motor start capability as standard equipment.
  • Kubota’s BG series offers a solid timing gear train without the use of belts. The unique mechanical governor system ensures stable output and regulation. Kubota’s generator engine lineup provides compact, high performance, rugged engine design built for maximum efficiency & longevity.


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Engine ModelKubota D1005-E3BG
Engine Type3 Cylinder, 9 Valve, 4 Cycle, Natural IDI, Water Cooled Marine Engine
Piston Displacement1.0L (61.08 cu.in)
Compression Ratio22:1