JRE Series Residential Grade Flanged Connections

JRE-10 500079 10 Inch Residential Grade End in End Out EM Brand Muffler with ANSI Flange Connections


Standard Construction Features 
• Aluminized steel standard for silencers up to 26 inch body diameter
• Silencers larger than 28 inch body diameter standard carbon steel
• All welded steel construction
• Can be mounted vertically or horizontally
• Standard high temperature (1200° F.) satin black finish
• Drains standard item
• Standard npt inlet and discharge connections on sizes 2 inch to 3.5 inch
• Standard 125/150# ASA drilled plate flanges on inlet and discharge of silencers 4 inch and larger
• Two-chamber design

Optional Construction Features and Accessories 
• Stainless steel and aluminized steel construction
• Special inlet and outlet connections
• Special inlet and outlet locations
• Special finishes available
• Vertical mounting legs
• Horizontal mounting saddles
• Mounting bands
• Horizontal and vertical shell legs
• Special acoustical designs
• Internal and external shell lagging
• Inspection openings
• Air leak tests
• ASME code construction
• Complete line of engine exhaust accessories

Also available with Side Inlet (Model JRS)

Item NumberModel NumberPrice
400733JRE-4Call for price
400734JRE-5Call for price
400735JRE-6Call for price
400736JRE-8Call for price
400737JRE-10Call for price
400738JRE-12Call for price
400739 JRE-14Call for price
400740JRE-16Call for price
400741JRE-18Call for price
400742JRE-20Call for price


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