JIS Series - Industrial Grade Flanged Connections

JIS Series Industrial Grade Flanged Connections

Silencing is sufficient for commercial or industrial areas where ambient noise is relatively high. These units provide more silencing per dollar.


Standard Construction Features 
• Aluminized steel standard for silencers up to 26 inch body diameter
• Silencers larger than 28 inch body diameter standard carbon steel
• All welded steel construction
• Can be mounted vertically or horizontally
• Standard high temperature (1200° F.) satin black finish
• Drains standard item
• Standard NPT inlet and discharge connections on sizes 2 inch to 3.5 inch
• Standard 125/150# ASA drilled plate flanges on inlet and discharge of silencers 4 inch and larger
• Two-chamber design

Optional Construction Features and Accessories 
• Stainless steel and aluminized steel construction
• Special inlet and outlet connections
• Special inlet and outlet locations
• Special finishes available
• Vertical mounting legs
• Horizontal mounting saddles
• Mounting bands
• Horizontal and vertical shell legs
• Special acoustical designs
• Internal and external shell lagging
• Inspection openings
• Air leak tests
• ASME code construction
• Complete line of engine exhaust accessories


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Item NumberModel NumberPrice
400718JIS-4Call for price
400719JIS-5Call for price
400720JIS-6Call for price
400721JIS-8Call for price
400722JIS-10Call for price
400723JIS-12Call for price
400724JIS-14Call for price
400725JIS-16Call for price
400726JIS-18Call for price
400727JIS-20Call for price