JCS Critical Grade Flanged Connection Series

JCS Critical Grade Flanged Connection Series

Critical Grade Silencer - Average Attenuation 25-34 dBA


Heavy-duty critical grade series silencer:
• Designed for heavy-duty stationary, marine systems and mobile power units
• JC Series silencers provide a high degree of silencing where the ambient noise level is very low and a high-quality silencer is required

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Item NumberModel NumberPrice
400778JCS-4Call for price
400779JCS-5Call for price
400780JCS-6Call for price
400781JCS-8Call for price
400782JCS-10Call for price
400783JCS-12Call for price
400784 JCS-14Call for price
400785JCS-16Call for price
400786JCS-18Call for price
400787JCS-20Call for price