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Isuzu Commercial Marine Engine 6WG1WM-AB1

Isuzu Commercial Marine Engine 6WG1WM-AB1

Standard equipment includes: Front PTO bell housing (SAE No.3), Multi-ply, seven layer, exhaust flex coupling, GPS and Plotting enabled NAEMA 2000  Helm View instrument panel and wiring harness, dual oil filter housing, quad fuel filter housing-with valving to allow servicing of filters one-at-a-time, dual electric fuel pumps.


  • High-Efficiency Electronic High-Pressure Common Rail fuel system with proven reliability provides a low idle speed of 350 RPM for smooth quiet operation and very low-speed for long-lining and crabbing, or when docking. Fuel economy is very good at low idle.
  • Deep sump oil pan ensures consistent engine lubrication in rough seas. Sump dissipates heat from the oil which reduces friction, extending engine life and reducing operating cost.
  • Very high torque enables the use of large, slow, efficient propellers. Low speed reduces cavitation and underwater sound while saving fuel. Chromed, dry fit cylinder liners are the most wear resistant system available. We have customers reporting 40,000 to 60,000-hour engine life with good maintenance and proper application. No o-rings to leak, these engines are not subject to liner pitting. Chrome inner surface has very low friction which extends engine life and saves fuel.
  • SAE No.1 Flywheel and housing for straightforward transmission mounting.
  • Large capacity oil sump drain pump, that can be valved to drain the marine transmission as well. The pump can also be valved to drain and refill systems for easy service.


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