Isoflex Classic S-Type Adjusting Stud Mounts

S Type adjusting stud engine and machinery mounts are designed specifically for marine, high performance and other thrust load installations where height adjustment is required. These mounts are complete with high tensile studs and are fail-safe in their design, which means that even in a knock-down or total inversion, these mounts can hold the weight of the engine.

Mounts are fitted with a patented integral thrust ring for enhanced stability. All metal components are a combination of marine alloy, stainless steel and zinc plated carbon steel to ASTM B633 SC3 standard. Base bolts are not supplied. Stainless steel fittings are available on request. Swivel adjusters are fitted to 20mm and 24mm studs on most mounts.


• Vibration isolation reduces equipment fatigue, human fatigue, maintenance, and associated noise.
• Cast with engineering grade polymer, no rubber parts mean products are resistant to oil, fuel, water, hydraulic fluids and climate.
• If needed, mounts can be rebuilt by replacing cores giving you a lower cost of ownership.
• High quality materials of polyurethane, stainless steel and high tensile steels provide durability and reduced corrosion and rust.