Isoflex Bolt Down Mounts

Bolt-down engine and machinery mounts are designed for marine, generators, watermakers and industrial machinery.

Mounts are fitted with a patented 360-degree integral thrust ring for enhanced stability. All metal components are zinc-plated to ASTM B633 SC3 standard. The bolt length required is dependent on the application. A standard length bolt is supplied. Allow a minimum of 1 x bolt diameter and maximum of 1.5 x bolt diameter into the mount.

• Vibration isolation reduces equipment fatigue, human fatigue, maintenance, and associated noise.
• Cast with engineering grade polymer, no rubber parts mean products are resistant to oil, fuel, water, hydraulic fluids and climate.
• If needed, mounts can be rebuilt by replacing cores giving you a lower cost of ownership.
• High quality materials of polyurethane, stainless steel and high tensile steels provide durability and reduced corrosion and rust.