Drawings or pictures may show non-standard equipment.

BOLLARD™ Sound Enclosures

The engine and generator air intake systems in BOLLARD™ Sound Enclosures are fully sealed ensuring the quietest, coolest, and most efficient generator operation possible.


  • Engineered, manufactured & assembled in the USA.
  • Proprietary sound foam tuned to the specific frequencies of John Deere 4045 engines, for high-frequency turbo whine and low-frequency combustion noise.
  • BOLLARD sound foam is 2x thicker than other enclosures!
  • Fully sealed connection points for maximum sound deadening.
  • Designed by service technicians, for service technicians.
  • Two-part epoxy paint and marine powder coating finishes provide superior corrosion resistance and durability.
  • A fully sealed and integrated clutched front power take-off option can accommodate any SAE B or C pad pump.


Designed and assembled inhouse, BOLLARD™ Sound Enclosures are built to fit our 42kW, 65kW, 99kW and 104kW commercial marine generators. The installation process is simplified since the enclosures are built to fit our gensets.

The design completely isolates the generator & engine air intake from the engine compartment. The result, only cool air from outside the enclosure is drawn in over the windings by the generator cooling fan.

The enclosure’s seals prevent hot air from inside the engine compartment short cycling through the generator windings and increasing heat. Running cooler means less resistance in the windings, improved generator efficiency and better fuel consumption.

The sound shields are designed with an emphasis on equipment serviceability, functionality and system integration. Every connection point from fuel, to remote panels to block heaters to AC connection has been considered. (See Dimensions & Service Points sheet.)

BOLLARD™ Marine Generator Sound Enclosures are the only model available with an integrated clutched PTO option, allowing for quiet hydraulic pump operation.


Standard options include:

  • Oil level sight gauge and alarm with viewing port
  • Oil drain valve plumbed to the base frame
  • Coolant level switch gauge & alarm
  • 14” K&N air intake filter
  • Coolant expansion bottle
  • Closed crankcase ventilation system
  • Sealed connection points for fuel, oil, coolant or seawater
  • Lined with precise fit, CNC cut 50mm sound foam
  • 12 gauge, marine-grade aluminum panels
  • Laser-cut and formed steel base and frame
  • Two-part epoxy paint and marine powder coating finishes

Dimensions: 80L x 33W x 44H