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John Deere Front PTO 6068

Front Bell Housing & Flywheel 6068

John Deere 6068


  • Engine Compatibility: TFM75, AFM75, SFM75, AFM85, SFM85
  • Bell Housing Compatibility: SAE 2, SAE 3
  • Cast / Machined Aluminum and Steel Housing Material
  • Raw Housing Finish (Paint Optional)
  • Flywheel Compatibility: 11.5"
  • Flywheel Material: Cast / Machined Aluminum
  • Clear Hard Anodized Finish
  • Integrated Torsional Coupling



Versatile Power Solution
SeaDrive offers a powerful solution for those wanting to drive pumps, hydraulics, transmissions, generators, water jets, or even custom equipment.

Marine Grade Construction
SeaDrive PTOs are precision products designed and built in the USA using only the highest quality materials. They are built to last a lifetime, withstanding forces far beyond what the engine can produce.

Heavy Duty Housing
SeaDrive PTOs features heavy-duty, engine mounted, housings that can handle large over-hung loads with no additional support.

Built-In Torsional Coupling
The SeaDrive system features a built-in torsional coupling that counteracts and absorbs harmful vibrations that would otherwise damage the engine.

Easy, Bolt-On Installation
SeaDrive products feature easy bolt-on assembly and installation. The assembly is pre-aligned and does not require any further alignment during installation.

Package includes USCG approved shrouding, hardware and parts necessary for most installations.

Thoughtful, Service-friendly Design
SeaDrive PTOs are designed to make service as easy as possible. Each system includes a pre-installed spare belt to make changing the belt easy and fast.

Need A Custom Solution?
SeaDrive systems can be designed for nearly any make and model. Contact your local dealer, or MER Equipment, Inc. directly, to partner with experienced engineers and engine specialists to design the perfect SeaDrive system for your engine.

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Engine Compatibility AFM75, SFM75, AFM85, SFM85
Bell Housing Compatibility SAE 2, SAE 3
Bell Housing Material Cast / Machined Aluminum & Steel
Bell Housing Finish Raw (Paint Optional)
Flywheel Compatibility 11.5"
Flywheel Material Cast / Machined Aluminum
Flywheel Finish Clear Anodized
WARNING (IMPORTANT): MER cannot guarantee torsional compatibility with unverified rotating components in an assembly. We highly recommend a qualified engineer review the mass elastic data of all rotating components of the final assembly to assure against premature failure. Neither MER or the engine manufacturer will warranty engine or associated equipment failures due to torsional incompatibility in absence of a Torsional Vibration Analysis (TVA).

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