6090AFM75 John Deere Marine Engine

6090AFM75 John Deere Marine Engine

The 6090AFM75 engine is a perfect match for your pleasure or commercial workboat.


John Deere 6090AFM75 Single Circuit Keel Cooled Marine Engine. The AFM uses a freshwater aftercooler.  This means you don’t have to use a second keel cooler for the aftercooler circuit, the cooling circuit is a single pump / single keel cooler – saving on maintenance expenses and installation costs

Watercooled Turbocharger and Exhaust Manifold

– Cooler and quieter environment for vessel and crew

– Reduced external connections eliminate hoses and fittings that can leak or break

Directed Top-liner Cooling

– Reduces upper liner temperature by as much as 100 degrees Fahrenheit (54 degrees Celsius)

– Durable and reliable power cylinder components

Replaceable Wet-type Cylinder Liners

– Hardened and precision machined for long life

Gear Auxiliary Drive

– Optional auxiliary drive for wash-down pumps, hydraulic oil pumps, and air compressors

Front or Side Service

– Oil and fuel filter combinations

– Application and service flexibility to provide installation convenience plus fast and easy maintenance

Cooling System

– High-capacity heat exchanger designed for reliable operation in adverse conditions

– Available as keel cooled

High Torque and Low Rated RPM

– Excellent vessel control and maneuvering

– Lower-rated rpm limits vibration and noise for better crew comfort

Fuel System

-Electronically controlled high-pressure common rail fuel system provides precise fuel delivery with variable timing resulting in excellent fuel economy and performance

– Self-diagnostics and protection


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