6081AFM-75 John Deere Marine Engine

6081AFM-75 John Deere Marine Engine

Freshwater (anti-freeze coolant) heat exchanger or keel-cooler- designed for reliable operation in adverse conditions.



Water cooled Turbocharger and Exhaust Manifold for a Cooler and quieter environment for vessel and crew. The system provides reduced external connections that can leak or break. This reduces the expense of chronic leaks and hoses chafing.

The 6081AFM-75 design lends itself to in-frame rebuilding at the end of its service life. MER sells engine repair kits that include cylinder kits (with pistons and rings loaded), gaskets, rod and main bearings, and new connecting rod bolts. With a rebuild kit from MER, a spare cylinder head, and a water pump, the engine can be easily rebuilt “in-frame” in short order.

Corrosion resistant components help hold engine paint better and provide engine corrosion protection from the effects of salt air and splashing bilge water. The finish on MER equipment protects equipment from corrosion that would cause replacement at rebuild time.


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