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BOLLARD™ 28kW Marine Generator


Nothing pulls harder than a BOLLARD™ 28kW. A mechanical, naturally aspirated engine with 3.3 liters of displacement makes this the simplest, most reliable, longest-lasting little generator you can buy.

The crank is so stout you can also pull full power off the front which is easy to do with our bolt on SeaDrive PTO kit.


Unsurpassed Quality & Reliability
BOLLARD™ Generators are designed and built in the USA specifically for the rugged conditions of commercial use. The expected time between overhauls on the BOLLARD™ packaged generator set is 20 to 50 thousand hours.

High-Efficiency Motor Starting
Heavy Duty windings engineered for 80 deg. C rise of 40 deg. C ambient yield extended insulation service life, high electrical efficiency for maximum fuel economy, and superior motor starting at all voltages. PMG dedicated excitation is optional, resulting in even higher motor starting together with 300% sustained short circuit capacity along with VFD and paralleling compatibility.

The BOLLARD™ MGP-20-28 Gensets are EPA certified Tier 3 Marine, CARB, EU, and MOC. They meet the lowest emissions levels available on the market today without exhaust after-treatment resulting in reduced maintenance and operating costs while preserving our clean air and water quality.

Radiator, Heat Exchanger Or Keel Cooling Compatibility

Premium Marine Grade Protection
BOLLARD™ generators feature Imron™ 2 part marine epoxy overcoats on the engine, generator, and base frame. Accessory brackets are powder coated and fasteners are primarily stainless steel to protect your investment from the harsh marine environment.

Heavy Duty Welded Structural Steel Base Frame
For ease of installation, structural integrity, safety and durability. Superior vibration and noise dampening with a high mass flywheel, polyurethane vibration isolators, mass loaded & stiffened base frame, and de-noised engine.

Water Jacketed Exhaust Manifold and Expansion Tank
Provides low engine room temperatures and greatly reduces fire hazard

Heavy Duty Air Intake Filtration & Silencing
For increased performance, extended engine life, and quiet operation.

Controls, Gauges & Instrumentation
Standard enclosed prewired digital auto-start control panel with push button start/stop. Safety shutdowns are programmed for high water temp, low oil pressure, and over-speed. Included are LED readout of oil pressure, engine hours, DC system voltage, water temperature, engine speed in RPM, Generator Voltage and Frequency. Custom panels offer, auto-start/stop function for inverter or paralleling interface, load sharing, digital generator KW output LEDs and full function electrical distribution switchboards.

Optional SCOR™ Sea Change Oil Regeneration System
1µ bypass oil filter. Safely extends oil drain intervals and engine life.

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