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250kW 20′ High Cube ISO Container Power Module

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  • Prime - 60hz, 1800RPM (HP): 250kW (335.25)
  • Standby - 60hz, 1800RPM (HP): 275kW (368.78)
  • Emission Regulation: Interim Tier 4
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 1000 gal (3785.41L)
  • Fuel Efficiency: 18.63 gal/hr @ 100%
  • Connections: 30 Gang Quick Release Reefer Power Outlets



Unsurpassed Quality & Reliability
BOLLARD™ Industrial Generators are engineered and built in the USA specifically for the harshest environments on earth. Every nut and bolt has been built to withstand any type of weather and all the hard work and punishment you can throw at it.

Custom 20’ ISO Container
Recessed entrance and steel plate wall allows for maximum functionality while maintaining required dimensions and increasing strength. Custom air intake and exhaust louvers for optimal airflow efficiency. Can be painted to match any specifications.

Tier 4 Emissions Certification
The John Deere engine used for the IG250 (250kW) Gen-set is Interim Tier 4 EPA certified and will be available for the foreseeable future.

Heavy Duty Generator with PMG Attachment
Heavy duty generator with polybutadiene overcoating for increased cycles and performance in marine environments. Permanent magnet generator for increased performance, cleaner power, and improved motor starting.

Controls, Gauges & Instrumentation
Customizable with a wide variety of sender & control options as well as custom in house fabrication. Packages can be tailor made to fit any application.

Heavy Duty Steel Base frame with Modular Unitstrut Support Frame
Built to withstand forces much larger than common applications. Includes a shock load retaining system that protects the engine mounts prevents the generator from tearing loose during excessive G forces or container tipping. Modular Unistrut support frame allows accessories to be attached without being mounted to the container walls that will flex during transit. Also allows for easy upgrading.

Critical Grade Exhaust Silencer & Stainless Steel Piping
Heavy-duty critical grade series silencer designed for heavy duty stationary, marine systems and mobile power units. Provides a high degree of silencing where the ambient noise level is very low and a high quality silencer is required.

30 to 40 Gang Reefer Power Outlets
30 to 40 high traffic, quick release connections mounted internally for added weather protection. The custom 20’ ISO container includes a bull-nosed fairlead with aviation brushes to protect cables from chafing and minimize moisture intake during operation.

SCOR Oil Regeneration System with Automatic Oil Makeup System
Keeps your oil cleaner and performing better than when it came out of the bottle. With SCOR, engines constantly run on clean oil with good chemical balance and run longer between oil changes. A standard 1000 hour oil change interval can be extended to 2000 hours and beyond without sacrificing oil quality.

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BOLLARD™ Model IG250-RR1 (with John Deere 6090)
Engine TypeIn-Line | 6 Cylinder | Diesel
Displacement – L ( (549.214)
Bore x Stroke – mm (in)118.4 (4.66) x 136 (5.35)
Cooling SystemRadiator (Epoxy Coating)
AspirationTurbocharged | Air-To-Air Aftercooled
Oil Capacity – L (gal)31 (8.18)
Fuel Capacity – L (gal)3785.41 (1000)
Remission RegulationInterim Tier 4
Prime – 60hz, 1800RPM250kW (335.25HP)
Standby – 60hz, 1800RPM275kW (368.78HP)
Alternator24v | 150Amp
Operating Angle20 Constant | 30 Intermittent
Container Type20′ High Cube ISO
Dry Weight – lbs (approx)22,000 (Complete Package)
L x W x H – mm (in)6058 (238.5) x 2438 (96) x 2896 (114)


Load Performance

Load in kW62.5125187.5250
Pounds Per Hour37.566.194.8132.3
Gallons Per Hour5.289.0313.3518.63
kW Per Gallons Per Hour11.8313.4214.0413.41
Pounds Per Gallon7.
Continuous kW Output250250250250
Horsepower at Load74.5149223.50298
Horsepower Continuous83.75167.5251.25335
Pounds Per Horsepower Hour.