MER Dream Lifter Power:
Our power units ride on the back of the machines that assist with tail-loading of the Boeing Dream Lifter. These custom MER generators are located worldwide, at every Dream Lifter work site. The sound attenuated generators supply 400Hz power to the aircraft during loading and unloading.

MER Heating Power Source: The pipe heating power source shown here is a skid-mounted machine that consists of two specialized generators, and one air compressor-all powered by a single Deere diesel engine. The larger direct-driven generator is a high-frequency unit made for efficient induction heating of the pipe, to hasten the paint cure-time, before wrapping. The second smaller 10kW generator produces power for lighting and power tools. This Marathon generator runs at an rpm of 1800 producing a voltage of 208 volts and has an adjustable belt tensioner mounted on the slack-side of the belts, using a polymer spring to maintain belt tension.
The drive-through air-compressor feeds an air-dryer and reservoir for supplying the pressure for air tools and spray coating.  Optional equipment is available to suit to any climate, and it can be customized to also carry a welding power source so that two pipeline welders can be joining pipe, ahead of the painting operation. Eight inches, wide flange galvanized steel beams provide the foundation for solid mounting of the equipment, with a balanced center picking point. There is also a provision in the skid frame for fork pockets when lifting must be done by a forklift.
Attached securely to the base are the air reservoir, air dryer, fuel tank, and radiator. Donaldson supplies the engine air filter, while the optional exhaust system includes a Cowl critical grade exhaust silencer. The compressed air system air dryer is mounted on the right-hand side of the machine near the gear-driven air compressor.
With a fuel capacity of 55 gallons, the baffled fuel tank is mounted on special polyurethane belts and is securely clamped to the machine’s frame. Turning at 2400 rpm and producing 75kW of power, the Kato generator produces 275 volts at 800 HZ, for efficient induction heating of steel pipe. Heavy-duty D-ring lifting brackets at each corner enable lifting the unit from above.