Small Foot Print-Mighty Performance!

Our new compact marine generator set provides efficient power with a very small footprint. The MER jacketed marine manifold is designed to eliminate unsafe engine surface temperatures, while our electronics package supplies warning or shut down on high coolant temp or low oil pressure. Optional safeties will stop the engine on low coolant or oil levels and over speed. Further options include analog gages in the engine room and the start-stop panel 80 feet distant-or more.

Powered by the Kubota D1005-E3BG diesel, our generator takes advantage of Kubota’s 80 years building diesel engines. Kubota is the number one engine manufacturer of diesel engines below 100 HP, and their Quality Inspection Facility is state of the art, ensuring its engines meet the highest expectations of the marine market. The BG series offers a solid timing gear train without the use of belts. The unique mechanical governor system ensures stable output and regulation. Kubota’s generator engine lineup provides compact, high performance, rugged engine design built for maximum efficiency & longevity.

The high-efficiency compact A.C.  generator with dedicated secondary excitation windings supplies unsurpassed voltage control by using an independent AVR power supply & 300% sustained short circuit capacity as standard equipment. Our structural steel frame system includes captive mounts with 95% efficient, anti-vibration suspension mounts installed at crankshaft center-line to minimize vibration transfer. Optional galvanizing keeps the engine room looking new.

Our complete line of accessories supports our line of marine gen sets: Check out our Multi-layer exhaust flex sections, Puradyn oil filters, and our SeaFire Marine LEDs.
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