MER Beagle 45 Keel-cooled Generator Set

The MER Beagle 45 marine diesel generator has a crankcase vent (CCV) system, shown on the right side here. The system returns oil droplets to the oil pan and vents only dry air. Toward the lower LH view of the photo is the oil drain pump that enables quick and clean removal of the oil when it is time for the oil change.

MER Beagle 45 Keel-cooled Generator

The left side of the unit houses the jacketed exhaust system, starter, turbo outlet, and the remote mounted spin-on oil filter. Notice also, the Murphy coolant level alarm switch.

MER produces special marine and industrial generators for motor-starting. Motor staring generators get the load going without electrical or mechanical damage to components.

The serpentine belt on the front drives both the alternator and the coolant pump, and is covered by a sturdy belt guard. Like the yellow skid shown, it is manufactured by MER.

MER Beagle 27 Keel-cooled Left Hand Side

Powered by the John Deere 4024 turbo diesel 4 cylinder, the Beagle 27 is more compact than most engines in this power rating.

MER Beagle 27 Keel-cooled Right Hand Side