MER Stocks The Kubota Lowboy

Custom. Tailored. Specific.
Three ways to describe MER products. Everyone knows our after sale support is the best in the marine market. Have you considered our before-the-sale support? Take a MER custom marine generator for example: During the first phone call our technical salespeople identify how you’ll use the generator; its exhaust outlet direction, dipstick and oil filter location-for easy service, voltage, frequency, type of cooling, space constraints, and most importantly the size and type of electrical loads on the boat.

Motor starting loads are the most critical part of the picture. Where the generator is concerned, in terms of running a marathon, heaters and lighting are just like a long level straight stretch. Motor starting loads, however, are like a short, but very steep, uphill climb for the runner. We consider kilowatts (speed the electrical work gets done on the boat), but also very important, we consider kilo-volt amps (the load the generator feels).

Consider this analogy: Someone on the shore of a river is timing the speed of a swimmer going downstream at a rate of 3 miles an hour, for a one-mile stretch of the shoreline. The swimmer’s speed along the shore is like the kilowatt rating (kW), and the effort the swimmer must make to do it is like kilo-volt-amp rating (kva). Next, the swimmer changes direction, and with much more effort swims upstream against the current, taking the same time to cover the one-mile distance as measured by the shoreline. The speed (kW) is the same, but the effort required by the swimmer (kva) is much greater.

Some loads just make the generator feel like it’s swimming upstream.

Next, we find the kind of power-take-off configuration needed for the boat’s hydraulic pump drive. With nearly a hundred options, we’ll get it just right. If it’s really unusual, our in-house inventors will design and build the solution.  Finally, we are experts in logistics and availability: This is vital since equipment suppliers are stocking far less product than ever before.

New Products
This year MER added three new brands of equipment to our extensive product line.

The Cummins line of marine diesel engines complements our extensive line of engine products. These engines fill certain horsepower gaps resulting from the wave of recent changes from more strict EPA requirements. Check our prices on the B series remanufactured MECHANICAL engines that come complete with mounts, wiring and instrument panels. Cummins/Onan marine generators use Kubota engines up to 32kW and John Deere on up to 99kW. These are among the quietest enclosed generators available and they are designed to accept the Onan field installable enclosure, even after the sale.
Equipment Source Incorporated (ESI) now supplies MER with Kubota packaged generators as well as their own line of rugged ESI packages based on Kubota engines and Meccalte generator ends.
Meccalte Generators have excellent quality control and a diverse product line from 1-2400kW generators. The 60-year-old Italian manufacturer has extensive robotic manufacturing capability.

So, give us a call and learn how our products will save your dollars, with greater efficiency.