Figure 1 The Final Welded Mount Foot Fits Perfectly

Call Gary, Norm, or Ben C. at 800-777-0714 To Order Yours: Weld-up mounting feet are available from MER to make engine, transmission, and generator mounting much faster and easier. The finished product, seen below, works with your existing mount holes on the engine block or transmission, to properly place the slotted plate, and provide a place for the adjustable mount to fit beneath.

Figure 2 The Vertical Plate Can Be Turned Over If Need For Your Application

To get to this point, suspend your engine, transmission, or generator from a hoist or block it safely in the position needed. Next, lay out the MER pieces as shown, and be sure to leave .5″ of threads below the slotted plate, to allow for later adjustment of the mount itself. Tack weld them, and do a careful trial fit, making any needed adjustments before the final welding.

Figure 3 Be Sure to Leave 1/2" of Adjustment Below the Slotted Plate For Later Adjustment