Deere Marine PowerTech Engines – Propulsion, Generator and Auxiliary Drive Engines

Propulsion – The AFM series combines a 4-valve cylinder head with a High-Pressure Common Rail  Fuel System and the benefit of a jacket water after-cooler and single circuit keel-cooling. The compact engine has multiple power-take-off (PTO) options for powering auxiliary equipment.
Generator Drive-This year the generator rating increases to 150kWe.
Auxiliary Drive (6068HF)-These variable speed, radiator cooled engines are available up to  258HP at 2200RPM. Deere has several engines for use in auxiliary applications driving hydraulics. They’re all available with multiple pump drives attached to either end of the engine, and also generators opposite the pump drive.


Propulsion – Like the 6068AFM above, the AFM designation denotes a keel-cooling system with engine jacket water and the after-cooler on one circuit to the keel-cooler. Power ranges from 285 HP at 2100  to 425 at 2400RPM. The high-pressure common rail (HPCR) fuel system provides superior atomization and very efficient combustion. High-efficiency coolant jacketed turbocharging supplies more combustion air to the cylinder through the 4-valve cylinder head. John Deere ’s powerful electronic engine control directs this “symphony” of power production.
Generator Drive-The generator rating increases to 225kWe this year.
Auxiliary Drive (6090HF)-Power ratings up to 375HP at 2200.

Propulsion – This 13.5 liter engine has separate heat exchangers for both the engine circuit and the -cooler circuit. The 824 cubic inches help take the power level to 650 at 2300RPM in a  commercial rating, and then on to 750 at 2200RPM, in the M-5 rating. Like all of  Deere’s new electronic engines, the 6135SFM benefits from much greater engine control computing power, further reducing fuel consumption.
Generator Drive-The generator rating is 325kWe for this new engine.

Pre-production – 6135AFM engines are now working in the field and will soon be released, providing another high power keel-cooled engine option.
Auxiliary Drive-(6135HF) Power ratings to 600HP at 2100RPM.