Aerial view of a Prince William Sound Aqua Culture Facility

Aerial view of a Prince William Sound Aquaculture facility.

The Prince William Sound Aquaculture Corporation (PWSAC) contacted us when they were ready to replace two 80kW CAT generators at their Main Bay Hatchery. MER has been fortunate to have PWSAC as a long-standing customer and we welcomed the project.

PWSAC is a non-profit corporation founded in 1974 by a local fishermen’s organization to optimize wild salmon resources in the Prince William Sound and Copper River regions. PWSAC operates five hatcheries to produce ocean-raised wild salmon for commercial, sport, and subsistence fisheries.

Initially, the specification called for two stand-alone BOLLARD™ IG100 (100kW) radiator cooled generators and it was later decided to add paralleling. These industrial generators would augment the 300 kW water turbine on site. Load sharing of the parallel set up allows the units to auto start and auto sync as more load is applied. When the load drops, one genset can shut down while the other generator carries the lighter load. Paralleling saves wear and tear, oil and fuel. The auto start/auto sync is controlled by a Deep Sea 8610 monitor, an intelligent mono display auto start load share control module. In addition, motor-operated circuit breakers were installed in custom-built panels, with programming and wiring provided by MER. After testing at the MER shop in Seattle, the units were shipped to Main Bay and installed on site by our team.

Engine longevity is further extended with the installation of our SCOR oil bypass filtration. SCOR extends engine life and oil drain intervals by removing contaminants to below .9 microns, neutralizing sulfuric acid and replenishing additive levels.

For PWSAC, the end result is a user-friendly generator upgrade with improved efficiency, longevity, utility and savings.


Twin Bollard IG100 (100kW) paralleled gen-sets during installation at PWSAC, Main Bay Hatchery

Twin BOLLARD™ IG100 (100kW) paralleled gensets during installation at PWSAC, Main Bay Hatchery.