David Walker

David Walker at SeaFair 2011

David Walker left our world on 05/15/2014,

We had planned his retirement party for just next week, bought him a gift for his boat so he could stay in touch.  He was taking off up the inland passage with the family for the summer.  He’d been working tirelessly on the boat for the past three years getting ready for the point in his life when he could take the time to travel.  He had a hard time getting away from us, claimed to love his job and was always so diligent he would show up at odd hours and during his vacation time to make sure we and his customers were well taken care of.

I will miss him, we all will.  He left this world in such a hurry.  One minute enjoying the company of his family, a perfect evening on the waterfront in his beautiful home on the Lake and the next moment he’s gone.  Victim of a tragic accident, so bizarre only an accomplished story teller to come up with circumstances so random.

David was a joy to work with, always a smile and a kind word, an old soul and a true gentleman in every way.   They say the good die young and the rest of us carry on to learn the lessons of life.  There are worse things in life than death and I’m sure David is in another place enjoying the comforts earned from a life well lived.

The light in this world is a little less bright for the loss of a good man.  Our hearts are heavy for his loving family.

David would be the first to say, “Live this day like it could be your last, tomorrow is not a guarantee”.

We love you Dave, we will miss the pleasure of your company, we won’t forget you.  You have brought joy to our lives, shown us the meaning of grace, and left a lasting impression on us all. We wish you fair winds and following seas….

Your MER Family