High Fuel Efficiency-MER industrial and marine generators provide very low fuel consumption, and this is due to our specification for more copper per kilowatt rating. The fuel savings is in the tens of thousands of dollars over the life of the machine. Our complete load survey is done by telephone, up-front at no cost. However, before we’ll sell you a machine, all of the present loads and future upgrades are taken into account. If you’re purchasing for a workboat, we’ll ask things like, “Are you planning to upgrade your refrigeration system?”, or “What are you spending on fuel now?” Similarly, “Can you continue fishing if fuel reaches $6?”

Custom Machines-Our generator is customized to your application. It might need a special power-take-off, a larger oil pan, extended oil-change interval, or a coolant filter. The MER fab shop builds jacketed marine manifolds to protect crew members from burns as they work in the engine room. This is especially important when the boat is underway.

Motor Starting-On the electrical side of things, we supply generators capable of very heavy motor-starting or exceptional voltage stability for onboard electronics. We also have PMG models that do both. All of our diesel generator sets are available in 50 and 60Hz, with either electronic regulators or internal regulation. Optional control systems by Deep Sea Electronics provide remote monitoring via the internet. This covers things like oil pressure, coolant temperature, and other parameters as detailed as the fuel level in each tank. This valuable asset aids hard-working crews working long hours, hundreds of miles away.


Play Favorites-Got a favorite engine or generator end? We’ll provide Deere, Isuzu, Cummins, Kubota, Yanmar, Marathon, Meccalte, or Stamford. Our generators come in one or two-bearing configurations for mounting on either end of the engine. Our optional galvanized steel skid keeps the engine room looking great.

Better Design-SolidWorks computer-aided design (CAD) capability ensures smooth and efficient assembly. Need a higher capacity cooling system for equatorial waters, or how about a special compact heat exchanger system? No problem.  Our detail oriented experts in production will fabricate, assemble, align and mount the critical parts of each machine. This includes Low VOC painting, calibration and testing of each machine. The final test is at 105% of the machine rating, and the technician signs the test sheet-just like any aircraft technician does.

Not Just Efficient Generators-After the machine is finished there are two more jobs to do: We deliver it in one of our fuel-efficient trucks. Secondly, we recycle; separating all metals, and trash, including spent printer cartridges, and filtering shop solvent for re-use.

Product Support-After the sale MER provides electronic documentation and product support. Call us for specifications, service instructions, wiring and plumbing diagrams, as well as photos of how things work. It’s available electronically in your choice of format: Fax, e-mail, and I-phone. However, if you’re too busy catching fish to study the latest computer technology, that’s OK, we’ll print what you need and mail a paper copy!


MER Options-These include LED lighting that lets you buy a smaller gen-set from the start. Using just 1/8th the power of high pressure sodium lighting. This is the future of marine lighting. There’s one more thing about marine lighting-High Pressure Sodium lights compete for the motor starting power the generator can produce. Then there are our precisely sized exhaust systems that eliminate fuel robbing back pressure. They also last longer.

Parts and Service-Our inventory is one of the largest in the Northwest including engines and transmissions; with the parts and fluids to keep them running. Both Parts and Service Departments are available 24hrs.

MER Training-Our technical instructors are experienced gear-heads who put on a variety of classes, ranging from Beginning Engines all the way to Shaft Alignment.

New Product Pipeline-Is your engine room too loud or too hot? Is changing oil making a mess? Just keep an eye on our website to see the latest.

Just think of us as the Hot Rod Shop of the future: We build powerful custom machines that use less fuel, instead of more. We also do a lot more than electrical power generation. Call any time: 800-777-0714, or stop in and tell us about your project.