New MER Parts & Service Entrance

New MER Parts & Service Entrance

Reaching New Heights

Since our beginning in 1964, in a building in old town Ballard that was once a Chinese laundry, we have traveled far. However, our home and our heart have remained in the center of the Northwest Maritime Industry.

We are excited to announce our new location on the Seattle ship canal, in the historic MARCO shipyard, just down the road from Fishermen’s Terminal. As this year is our 50th anniversary, 2014 will be remembered as a year of growth and major events.

The big change that comes with our new facility is a major advancement in the scope of our capabilities allowing us to offer much more to our customers. The footprint of the new building is three times the size of the old shop, providing efficiency and capacity in production far beyond what we could offer in the past. This gives us the ability to reduce lead times and respond more quickly to customers’ specific needs. We also have improved overhead lifting capability and equipment for handling larger machinery than ever before which will increase the BOLLARD™ product range and power ratings. A new, 380 square foot, state of the art paint booth has been installed which enables us to handle big projects and apply an increased variety of paints like linear polyurethane. The improved paint finish provides increased long term durability and corrosion protection while retaining its color after many years of service.

When you come in, we’ll be happy to give you a tour which will include our engineering department, an expanded fabrication area and our new full-service electrical department. With much more space for our expanding parts inventory, our parts & service department staff are better equipped to take care of you. A new dedicated training area will enable us to continue to offer classes that have been popular with operators. Also, with moorage available close at hand and the local yard services around Fisherman’s Terminal, we have unique capabilities to take on all different types of projects from re-power to re-wire.

We are enthusiastic about our new facilities. For fifty years our crew has enjoyed designing and building your equipment and our new home gives us the ability to take that to a whole new level.