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BOLLARD™ Generators have earned the unwavering trust of the maritime community. As the go-to brand for electricity and hydraulics on leading commercial vessels, from tugboats to fishing boats and passenger vessels, our customers rely on our products to perform flawlessly 24/7, regardless of the conditions. They simply cannot afford downtime, and neither can you.

BOLLARD Enclosed 65kW, 122kW genset and 28kW generation w/SeaDrive PTO.

BOLLARDs are engineered with more copper to conserve fuel, run cooler, and have a longer lifespan than traditional generators.

Invest in the best; your BOLLARD genset will pay for itself over its lifetime.

Whether you want standard options or full optimization, your BOLLARD can be tailored to meet your vessel’s needs.

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We really appreciated the quality, attention to detail and craftsmanship that MER put into the BOLLARD 200kW genset for the Arctic Wind. We could not be happier with their overall performance.

Jerry Downing

President, B&N Fisheries

Our experience with the 28kW BOLLARD generator as our auxiliary electrical power source has been entirely positive. The components including the Kubota diesel engine, controller and remote panel are all durable, easy to operate and maintain. At sea, the inverter from our Transfluid hybrid drive batteries and supplies house voltage, but there is no shore power connection when the vessel is moored and it depends on the generator for charging the batteries. The unit’s smooth and efficient operation, steady output and control features make for a reliable alternative to shore power.

Paul Tate

Captain, Western Flyer


The Key to Less Downtime and Long-Term Support

When choosing a commercial marine generator, it’s more than just selecting a piece of equipment. Owning a BOLLARD generator means becoming a valued BOLLARD customer for years to come.

With detailed records of every product built and the customer it was built for, we ensure that maintenance and repair needs are met quickly and efficiently. Even if a heat exchanger needs replacement 15 years down the line, simply give us a call and we’ll know exactly what you need and get it to you.

As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), our products are backed by a worldwide dealer network. Trust BOLLARD for reliable, long-term support and minimal downtime.


A Legacy of Quality and Expertise in Marine & Industrial Power Systems

Since 1964, MER Equipment has been crafting custom marine and industrial power generators, distribution systems, and hydraulic units. Our team consists of experienced professionals – fishermen, vessel owners, marine engineers, designers, and fabricators – who understand the requirements of keeping a boat sailing smoothly.

With 60 years of family-owned business under our belt, we take great pride in our reputation for excellence both in the maritime industry and other sectors.

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