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BOLLARD™  Generators are the trusted brand for electricity and hydraulics on many of the leading commercial vessels. From tugboats to fishing boats to passenger vessels and more, our customers depend on functioning 24/7, in all conditions. They can’t afford downtime and neither can you.

BOLLARD Enclosed 65kW, 122kW genset and 28kW generation w/SeaDrive PTO.

Available with standard options or full optimization, BOLLARD™ Marine Generators can be customized to meet your vessel’s specifications. 

Even if you pay a little more upfront, your BOLLARD will pay for itself over the life of the generator. 

Built to save fuel, run cooler & last longer, BOLLARDs are designed for the heavy load. 

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We really appreciated the quality, attention to detail and craftsmanship that MER put into the BOLLARD 200kW genset for the Arctic Wind. We could not be happier with their overall performance.

Jerry Downing

President, B&N Fisheries

We asked for a BOLLARD genset specially equipped for a repower on the Olympic Tug & Barge (OTB) tug Kestrel. The engineering and advance planning from MER made for a very smooth installation and reduced labor by OTB.

We look forward to teaming up with MER on future projects.

Andrew Moon

Harley Marine Services


When you own a BOLLARD Marine Generator you’ll have less downtime waiting for maintenance or repair parts.

Choosing a commercial marine generator is more than just choosing a piece of equipment. When you buy a BOLLARD generator, you’ll become a BOLLARD customer for years.

We keep detailed records of every product we build and who we build it for. If you lose a heat exchanger 15 years from now, you can call us and we’ll know just what you need and get it to you.

And as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), our products are supported by a worldwide dealer network.


Since 1964, MER Equipment has been specializing in the custom building of marine & industrial generators, power distribution systems, and hydraulic power units. Our experienced staff is comprised of fishermen, vessel owners, marine engineers, designers, and fabricators so we know what it takes to keep a boat on the water.

As a family-owned business with 60 years of experience, we are very proud of our reputation for excellence in the maritime industry and beyond.

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